Garden Wall - Assurdo. 2011 Italy

For those folks that are constantly asking to hear an album that is truly "progressive" rather than "it's progressive in the 1970s sense of the word", then I offer up to you Garden Wall's Assurdo. Garden Wall has always been a creative bunch, but they've really upped the ante this time. After about 5 listens, I cannot possibly describe this album. Many others have attempted to do so however. All of them very thorough, and quite excellent. No two are alike. I don't think it's possible for anyone to hear this album the same as someone else. About the only continuity in the reviews I've read is that Assurdo is unique. That's for sure.

They still have the Van der Graaf Generator meets thrash metal backbone of Forget the Colours, but do not be scared by that description. There's so much at play here, that at times you imagine you are hearing the classic Italian progressive rock scene being played out 200 years from now. Is it genius? How could I know - I'm for certain not one, but it is impossible to deny that Garden Wall continues to push the boundaries of progressive rock. This isn't tuneless cacophony in the name of Avant Garde, but rather a fully realized and coherent work. Check it out for yourself. Write a review. It will be different than the others you have read.

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