Forgas Band Phenomena – Acte V. 2012 France

Patrick Forgas continues on with his 5th namesake Band Phenomena album. No surprises here if you're familiar with the great trajectory Forgas' career has taken since his early solo career from 1977 (has it been that long!?). What makes the Forgas Band Phenomena so great is the synergy of an instrumental 7 piece band. So in addition to the standard rock quartet of guitar, keyboards, bass and drums - you also have dedicated members providing violin, trumpet and sax/flute. The music is tight and energetic, while never forgetting that their main premise is to rock your britches off. How many progressive bands today forget this last component? Anyone familiar with the early to mid 1970s European jazz rock scene will find much to enjoy here. Forgas, in addition to writing and arranging all the compositions here, keeps everything moving forward with his fine drumming precision.

Personal collection
CD: 2012 Cuneiform (USA)

The CD cover is a nice homage to their debut Roue Libre album. Along with the CD, there is a full DVD of their NEARFest 2010 performance.

Last listen: July 3, 2012

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