Flowers Must Die - s/t (3). 2013 Sweden

I was first drawn to this Swedish collective by their most fortunate choice of the group name Flowers Must Die. However, despite this moniker, Flowers Must Die will not likely make you recall Ash Ra Tempel, and especially not the Schwingungen album. Mainly because there isn't some madman screaming "Flowers Must Die - Die! Die! Die! Die! Die!". And there isn't much Krautrock here unless you count a steady rhythm, which recalls an entirely different branch of the genre.

The first two albums came and went before I even had a chance to hear. So we start with the third album, which was described to me as Psychedelic Doom Jazz. I don't hear much doom or jazz to be honest. Flowers Must Die are good old fashioned space rock. Probably the closest comparison would be to My Brother the Wind on their debut, or some of the less edited Oresund Space Collective albums. Their 3rd album is a double LP, and as such, there are long jams driven by electric guitar, that are explored to the last drop. Sometimes, especially on Side 1, the songs drag on long past their shelf life. The addition of guest violin is probably their strongest move, which gives it a whiff of ancient Swedish folk and thus recalls some of the Swedish pioneers such as Algarnas Tradgard and Flasket Brinner. I should be clear, I think Flowers Must Die is a very good group, and I do enjoy this album quite a bit. But I would like to see more compositional quality. A few twists and turns, perhaps, to keep me guessing. The world is full of improvised space rock bands today, and for me to go further with the group (buy more product), I'd have to hear of some changes in their overall approach.

Personal collection
LP: 2013 Rev/Vega / Kommun 2

The gatefold cover is very nice, and comes with an informative inner sleeve.

Last listen: February 14, 2013

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