Flor de Loto - Mundos Bizarros. 2009 Peru

After two albums of pretty much perfecting their brand of instrumental heavy psychedelic rock meets Los Jaivas sound, it was obvious to Flor de Loto that they probably needed to alter their sound a bit, or they would begin down the road to irrelevancy. And that's just what they did. The collection of songs on Mundos Bizarros explore new directions in two different ways. One, they expand the compositions with more complexity and anted up the progressive quotient quite a bit. On the other, there are far more vocals here, adding some song craft that was missing prior. Not to say they've completely abandoned the sound of their first two opuses. In fact, when they do reach into their musical past, Flor de Loto are able to seamlessly mesh it within the context of their new direction, giving it a new fresh perspective. As well, the guitars are slightly heavier this go round, indicating a move to the prog metal camp on occasion. It will be interesting to see where Flor de Loto goes from here.

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CD: 2009 Mylodon (Chile)

Last listen: November 18, 2012

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