Flor de Loto - Imperio de Cristal. 2011 Peru

I suppose it was inevitable, but Flor de Loto seems to have gone "whole hog" for prog metal on their 4th and latest album. While it would be unfair to classify this as Dream Theater with pan pipes, there is no denying the band's conscious move to the metal world. There's also many more vocals than prior, which detracts from their former focus as a creative instrumental band. Tracks like 'El Jardin Secreto' show that Flor de Loto haven't forgotten their past, and are more than capable to put together an instrumental psychedelic piece in the grand tradition of the masters like Los Jaivas, with gobs of wah wah fuzz guitar and flute. Still, it seems the band have painted themselves into a corner, and the concept is becoming monotonous. If reviews of any future albums state that Flor de Loto is moving even closer to the center, then I'll probably stop here at Imperio de Cristal. Too bad the band hasn't explored further their psychedelic ambitions that they hinted at on their first two albums. They were definitely unique among bands. Not anymore it appears.

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CD: 2011 Mylodon (Chile)

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