Deformica - Páramo. 2010 Argentina

One step forward, two steps back. Ironic in that the one step forward is the use of vintage equipment such as Fender Rhodes and Hammond Organ. The two steps back is the choice of musical direction. Gone are the psychedelic guitars of H and its place is the pointed move in the post-rock direction. Lots of Frippian sound-on-sound barely amplified guitar, and laid back melodic sequences. Too restrained and static for me. Borderline 9 (3 stars). The exception is the opening track 'Novelesco' which sees the group try their hand at instrumental psychedelic music with great success. The post-rock thing has been done over and over by countless bands. Not many modern bands have gone all out for a 1970 psychedelic sound (plenty of stoner bands have captured the hard rock / Sabbath sound however). This album at times is pure boredom. Too much potential to give up on. I anxiously await to see what they do from here.

Personal collection
CD: 2010 Viajero Inmovil

Last listen: September 20, 2012

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