Deformica - H. 2006 Argentina

Interesting debut by Deformica who hail from Argentina. Clearly the post rock bug has bitten them and one can hear influences anywhere from Tortoise through to Don Caballero. To my ears, that would imply they are a bit boring, but Deformica take the music much further, with many changes of mood, texture, metrics and dynamics. On this point, one can hear mid 70s King Crimson and their current following channeled by groups like Yang, Exsimio and Djam Karet. Deformica are not afraid to experiment and it’s interesting to note the band will throw in a loose improvisation at the very end of most tracks, providing a relaxing interval for the next blast off. I’ve never heard a band systematically improvise on the last minute of each track like this. It’s a winning idea. The keyboard tones tend to be digital emulations of electric piano and are far too timid for what this band needs. The dual guitars generally play in unison or in counterpoint rhythm mode, but occasionally break into a nice solo, though it doesn't seem to be their forte. The guitar tones tend to the psychedelic which I find highly appealing. The rhythm section is solid, and the bass player demonstrates some massive potential, that isn’t yet completely realized. A very impressive debut, though I would like to see them blow the lid off a composition once in awhile - in a place where you’d find Nebelnest maybe.

Personal collection
CD: 2006 Viajero Inmovil

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