Cauldron - The Sanctuary Suite. 1998 Sweden

Another random pull from the collection. I bought this in 1999, not too long after it was released, listened to it a few times, and filed it. 13 years later, we return.

Cauldron is a dual collaboration of members from The Spacious Mind and Holy River Family Band. Both were already releasing albums on Michael Piper's The Wild Places label. Cauldron's music is geared towards the psychedelic far out reaches of The Spacious Mind's canon. Long spaced out journeys with droning organ, psychedelic jazz guitar, hand percussion, sitar, trumpet and other sundry instruments are used to create the aural journey. Catches a late 60's Pink Floyd vibe. Put away your jam kit, Cauldron is for late-night zone outs. Excellent album if in the right mood.

Personal collection
CD: 1998 Wild Places (USA)

Last listen: 2012

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