Alphataurus - Dietro L'Uragano. 1974 Italy (archival)

Similar to many Italian bands of this era, Alphataurus seemed to flare out after one release. But Mellow Records turned up a complete album minus the vocal sections. Apparently the band was looking for another singer when they finally gave up. 1974 was the end of the line for most of the Italian scene, so ultimately this should come as no surprise. On Dietro L'Uragano, the music is more playful, slightly less complex, and far more dependent on keyboards than the debut effort. Parts of this remind me of the heavy but simple tracks found on The Trip's Caronte album, though overall Alphataurus is more engaging here. ELP circa Tarkus, is another obvious influence. Unfortunately it's apparent the music was written with a vocalist in mind, so there are some gaps to be found.

I sold the CD a few years ago to no regrets. The good news is that these tracks were re-recorded on their two 2012 albums, and are fantastic.

Last listen: 2009

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