Ako Doma - Aliens are Good for Sale. 2003 Slovakia

Aliens Are Good for Sale finds Ako Doma playing in a modern fusion mode. Gone is the saxophone, and with that, the charming Slovakian dance hall sound of their debut. In its place is a late era King Crimson sound, replete with angular guitar - at times with a metal crunch - modern synthesizers, and plenty of difficult music to plow though. If you like guitar oriented fusion, then this will be well worth your time. It's an instrumental style of modern music done countless times since the 90's, and Ako Doma prove to be more than capable to pull it off. Despite their obvious musical acumen, I miss the simple local flavor of the debut. One fellow collector calls out the Racine, Wisconsin based Kopecky as a reference - which is an excellent observation!

Personal collection
CD: 2003 Lizard (Italy)

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