Twenty Sixty Six and Then - Reflections on the Future. 1972 Germany

Twenty Sixty Six and Then's sole (released) album is an intriguing mix of styles, and stands somewhat alone in the sheer mass of Krautrock albums from the early 1970s. There are many who will state it's not even a Krautrock album at all, as the term has come to mean, but rather a more pure symphonic progressive rock album. I would submit that the album represents both, and even more. The opening two tracks 'At My Home' and 'Autumn' are Twenty Sixty Six and Then at their best, mixing the patented German Hammond fueled organ sound with a complexity one would typically find in Italy during this era. 'Butterking' is somewhat bizarre, operating under a Zappa influence, and recalling Nine Days Wonder on their own wonderful debut - an album that is even more creative than the one we're talking about here. The title track is where the Krautrock influence becomes more apparent, and one can hear the sounds of early Nektar shining through. Like many experimental long tracks, it can wane a bit, but it's still a fine effort. One of a kind greatness from Germany. Even if you find much of the Krautrock scene "amateurish", then Reflections on the Future is sure to delight.

Personal collection
LP: 1989 Second Battle
CD: 2017 Made in Germany

Originals come in a fine gatefold, and are quite expensive. It's one I'd like to own, but it's going to cost me if I do. My first exposure came via the first Second Battle LP reissue, which I bought upon release. It's a high quality straight reissue of the album, and is all one would need if only wanting to obtain the original LP.

From here on out, though, the story of this album becomes confused in the reissue market. There are two other variations of the album proper, one known as Reflections of the Past and the other is Reflections!. I'll eventually cover both of those releases with their own entry.

So with that, what about the reissue of the actual 1972 album? Other than the 1989 LP reissue, there's the repress on Second Battle in 2008, which was a double LP featuring yet even more bonus tracks. And finally in 2017, 28 years after the first reissue appeared on the market, we finally have a proper reissue of the CD, as released by the high quality Made in Germany label. In addition to the original 1972 album, there's also the two 1970 demo tracks that were on the 2008 2LP reissue, as well as 5 unique (I think!) variations of other tracks from the album. There's also one Steve Robinson solo track to close off the CD ('You are Under My Skin'). The copious liner notes are unfortunately all in German, so it's not clear to me anyway as to why they compiled this reissue the way they did.

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