Pop Instrumental de France (Laurent Petitgirard) - s/t. 1971 France

With a corny name like Pop Instrumental de France, one would think this was going to contain happy organ covers of 'Eleanor Rigby' and 'Paperback Writer'. But this being France in 1971, insiders know it will be something entirely different. A splendid romantic instrumental rock album, with a large palette of instruments creating different moods, atmospheres, and rhythms. Somewhere between William Sheller's Lux Aeterna, Jean Cohen-Solal's two albums, and Alain Goragues La Planete Sauvage, you'll find Laurent Petitgirard's Pop Instrumental de France. A must pick up for fans of early French progressive rock.

Personal collection
CD: 2006 Vadim

The CD on Vadim comes with great liner notes from Laurent Petitgirard, sports new artwork (second scan), and features an excellent sound.

Last listen: 2007

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