La Maquina Cinematica - Musica Para Pantallas Vacias. 2010 Argentina

While La Maquina Cinematica are ostensibly categorized in the avant progressive sub-genre of "rehearsal intensive" chamber music, my first reaction to their music came from an entirely different source: Anacrusa. Especially late era Anacrusa around the time of El Sacrificio and Fuerza, when they had switched from being an entirely folk oriented band to one that embraced a certain contemporary classical sound. For the most part La Maquina Cinematica focus on melody and complex arrangements, and thus create a tapestry of beautiful music. However, they do rock out on occasion, and I was again reminded of an Argentine band: Las Orejas y la Lengua. Due to the optimistic nature of the recordings, the ghost of Art Zoyd and Univers Zero are very faint, though not completely absent. A very good album and a must for fans of contemporary chamber music.

As an aside, this is definitely the first CD I own that is sponsored by Ernst & Young. Maybe there's hope for global corporations after all.

Feb 2018: Sold the CD.

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