Bloodrock - Bloodrock 3. 1971 USA

Solid workman-like blue collar hard rock album from my current hometown of Fort Worth, with grungy Hammond and heavy guitar leads. At least 4 tracks here are total winners. Only pitfalls are 'You Gotta Roll' which is their only foray - this time - into what seemed to be the mandatory boogie/good time rock-n-roll number. And 'A Certain Kind' is the type of ballad Bloodrock should have avoided altogether. CSN&Y album closer doesn't do the band any favors either. But otherwise this one is solid hard rock fare and a must for fans of the genre. These "Cats" (residents will get it) are local boys who done real good. Makes me want to go to Kincaid's Grocery on Camp Bowie, and get a cheeseburger and a real (chocolate) ice cream shake. In a Chevy Mist Green painted grocery. And I did just that today... (I really did! On the day I wrote these notes which was Nov 7, 2015. Just never added to UMR until now).

Personal collection
LP: 1971 Capitol

Last listen: November 6, 2015

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