Weidorje - s/t. 1978 France

In business circles, you'll often see the term "response" to a competitor's initiative. For example if you're in the telecom industry, and the "leading brand" offers a new bundled service, then your company will need to offer up a response. With that... Weidorje is Bernard Paganotti's response to Janick Top's 'De Futura'. For the whole album (and Weidorje of course was a track name on the same Udu Wudu Magma album). The familiar staccato bass lines, the pound-into-oblivion rhythms are all on display. And while it never reaches the sheer intensity of the almighty 'De Futura' - nothing does I don't think - it does add brass elements to give it more gravitas. More thunder that is to say! A fine album, that wears its superhero t-shirt with a capital Z. If you have to ask why Z, then you should not be reading this review. I had one colleague from back in the day who often referred to this as perhaps the best album in the entire oeuvre of genre-not-to-be-named-lest-they-guess-t-shirt.

Personal collection
LP: 1978 Cobra
CD: 1992 Musea

Another album that I've owned since the 80s, having stumbled onto a new copy at a local record store. The original LP cover on Cobra is a non-descript single sleeve, and as such I felt comfortable selling it when I got the CD in the mid 1990s. Today I wish I had not done that, and I say that as I'm seriously downsizing my collection. It's more for the memories than the package itself. And I want to do a fresh sound comparison as well. In general, I've been happy with Musea's reissues, and this one is no different, and comes with an excellent historical essay and two important bonus tracks.

(Jan 2018 update) - In what appears to be an unbelievable coincidence, it looks like I got my old copy back on a random buy on ebay - 23 years later!

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