Vespero - Surpassing All Kings. 2009 Russia

Vespero's sophomore effort, entitled Surpassing All Kings, sees Vespero tighten the ship a bit, and add more structure to their compositions. The exotic sounds of the debut are intact, but the energy level is higher and more kinetic. So overall it sounds like Korai Orom playing the music of Taipuva Luotisuora or Quantum Fantay, which is a highly unique combination. There are some killer ear-catching breaks here, such as the mid section of 'Salma Simiere (Cross and Crown)' which recalls Relayer era Yes, of all albums. Other highlights include the powerful psychedelic space rock numbers 'The Tower (XVI)' and 'Serata (i.n.s.i.e.m.e.)', each featuring multiple meter shifts, psychotic guitars, swirling keyboards, ethereal vocals, and complex sequences - almost Canterbury like in their execution. The latter track even has slight elements of Zeuhl, though it remains unclear if that's intentional or not. Melodies are actually thought out, and there's more to latch on here than the usual music-school charts. This is a splendid album, clearly positioning Vespero as one of the best space rock bands on the worldwide stage today.

Personal collection
CD: 2009 RAIG

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