Vespero - Fitful Slumber until 5 A.M.. 2015 Russia

Fitful Slumber until 5 A.M. is the 7th studio album (if we include the split one with Zone Six) from Astrakhan's Vespero. They continue their drive into more progressive oriented compositions, with plenty of fiery jams, and exactly the type of ethnic sounds one would expect from a band residing near the Caspian Sea. Flute, mandolin, and local wind instruments only add to the exotic vibe. Vespero have encapsulated the best of a 40+ year old branch of psychedelic progressive space rock: 1972 era Agitation Free meets 1992 Ole Lukkoye meets 2012 Quantum Fantay. Blend it up, and you have one seriously irresistible dish. A can't miss recipe, no matter how much extra spice they add to it. Hungry yet?

Personal collection
CD: 2015 RAIG

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