Vespero - Droga. 2013 Russia

Droga is the 6th studio album from Astrakhan's Vespero. Here the band seemingly understands what they do best, and exploits the heck out of it. This may be the perfect place to start your exploration of what is possibly the best space rock group of the last 10 years - and that's saying something given the competition. What you'll get here is Vespero's core competencies: The exotic sounds of Western Asia, crystalline female voices, ripping guitar solos, complex rhythm patterns, and various instrumentation to keep you guessing throughout. Every track is labyrinthine in its execution. It's the Korai Orom meets Hidria Spacefolk recipe that they've long since perfected with their own spices. And this time, they have a surprise up their sleeve: How about a big dollop of aggressive space rock similar to the first Nebelnest album? Oh my heart be still. This is Red Bull mixed with espresso.

Personal collection
CD: 2013 RAIG 

The CD is housed in a printed cardboard box.

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