SoulenginE - Mind Colours. 2012 Italy

While not the most representative nom de plume they could have selected, SoulenginE deliver a finely crafted instrumental selection of progressive rock compositions. Formed by members of The Watch, it would appear SoulenginE are yet another creative outlet for a band that has become notorious (and highly lauded) for their ability to embody all that is great about classic Genesis. And while the band can probably never distance themselves too far from penning a Nursery Cryme, I think the average progressive listener will be very pleased with this instrumental set. So have no fear, you are much closer to the made-up dance step of the Genesis Foxtrot than the disco imagery one immediately associates with Soul Train, er... Engine. Lots of mellotron, Moog, soaring guitar, time-signature-change goodness to be found within. Overall conclusion - and maybe a bit too esoteric here - but I'd say SoulenginE is to The Watch what Submarine Silence was is to Moongarden. Basically a more retro and instrumental outlook of their raison d'etre.

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CD: 2012 MaRaCash

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