Samurai - s/t. 1971 England

Samurai's sole album is, in effect, the final effort from the group formerly known as Web. And I feel it's much improved from their previous 3 albums. Web themselves had progressed greatly on I Spider, but Samurai takes it to another level. The songwriting here is absolutely incredible. Every song has a memorable melody - and played in a complex progressive rock fashion with fuzz bass, organ, sax, flute, superb vocals. There's really no other album like it. A 5 star masterpiece, and easily one of my favorite albums from England. 

Personal collection
CD: 1996 Landren (USA)
LP: 2010 Guerssen (Spain)
CD: 2013 Belle Antique (Japan)

Samurai is an album I hadn't heard (but heard of) until the first CD reissue came out. It's an odd CD considering the American source, but has full credits. It's been suggested to be unauthorized, but this is the only reissue from Landren (Discogs maintains it's legit for now). It's also the only reissue with 5 live bonus tracks, all in great sound. If it isn't legit, one could argue the album didn't receive it's first authorized reissue until 2008 (Esoteric). So who knows, but those live bonus tracks are why I kept the Landren version. The Guerssen and Belle Antique reissues are very high quality reissues, especially from a packaging standpoint. Original LPs on Greenwich Gramophone are scarce and expensive.

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