Richard Pinhas - Chronolyse. 1978 France

Richard Pinhas' second solo album is an absolute classic of progressive electronic music. The music is very much in line with what he was accomplishing with his primary vehicle Heldon at the time. The album contains 7 vignettes of aggressive Moog sequencing, and one longer electronic piece on Side 1. And on the flip, there's a 30 minute brain blaster of guitar-bass-drums and electronics in the best Heldon tradition. A fine companion album to Heldon's Stand By. Brilliant.

Personal collection
LP: 1978 Cobra
CD: 2006 Captain Trip (Japan)

Though not difficult to find on vinyl back in the day, it's one that eluded my grasp. So my first exposure to the album was the Cuneiform CD that appeared in 1991. It was definitely the last Pinhas album for me to hear at the time, and it's also his best solo (IMO). Over the years I finally picked up an original LP as well as the Japanese mini-LP. The single sleeve cover is nondescript as most French albums are from this period. But I'll probably hold onto the LP for the distance.

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