Radio Massacre International - Rain Falls in Grey. 2007 England

As stated in my review for Septentrional, Radio Massacre International are one of today's most innovative groups. Case in point: Rain Falls in Grey. On this outing, RMI pay their respect to Syd Barrett. Musically this is RMI's most overt space rock effort, with raging electric guitars, and ferocious drumming. As well, RMI have successfully created those magical atmospheres that one would typically find on an old German Ohr release, who themselves were enamored with late 1960's Pink Floyd. This being RMI, one is never too far from classic mid 70's Tangerine Dream, and the combination of the early Krautrock sound with "Berlin School" electronics is highly fascinating. After a bit of a lull at the beginning of the decade, RMI has created a triumvirate of classic releases starting with Emissaries. Each represents an entirely different sound. Rare is this kind of innovation found, much less from a band whose recording history was almost 15 years old by this point.

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CD: 2007 Cuneiform (USA)

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