Quarks - Elemental. 2013 Chile

Quarks are an electronic trio from Chile, with most of the instrumentalists having a progressive rock background (namely SETI, Subterra, Caamora, and Taurus). On Elements, they pay homage to classic Tangerine Dream. Here, we have two keyboardists and a third on electric guitar just like Froese and company. I was hoping for a mid 1970's Virgin era Mellotron and  Moog Sequencer romp with psychedelic leads, but rather Quarks decided to feature electronic percussion and a decidedly more modern era keyboard sound. So it's like discovering a lost 1982 era Tangerine Dream recording instead. Certainly one can do worse than that, so most assuredly fans of the early 80s TD albums will find much to celebrate here (Pergamon anyone?). I do think it's all quite good, though it does seem it's been done before. But I'm all for an excellent reproduction. Quarks does a fine job at that. And with 3 protagonists, it does avoid the monolithic nature of the multitude of solo acts in this field today.

I'd be curious if the band takes this concept further, and makes full advantage of utilizing the electric guitar within an electronic music setting.  Similar to Radio Massacre International or early Redshift perhaps.

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