Progresiv TM - Dreptul de a Visa. 1976 Romania

Though Romanian, Progresiv TM seem like distant cousins to the Italian scene (well, I guess they are anyway if you think about it). More than I ever realized, there are parallels to the Italian band Delirium here. Except that Progresiv TM are considerably heavier and a bit less diverse. Progressiv TM are one of a few bands from the 70s that have that Black Sabbath guitar tone. They don’t utilize it in a doom-laden riff style like Sabbath does, but the sound is so very thick. Contrast that with a strong flute presence, an instrument that provides the melody line throughout the album. Vocals are well done, dramatic and well, seem Italian (no surprise as Romanian is as close to Latin as any active language). Note there’s also a strong post psych element at play here, which can be off-putting to those who aren’t 60's psychedelic fans. For me, appreciation of said style may also contribute a half star. I personally feel this album is light years better than anything else coming out of 1970s Romania. I just wonder how much great material could have been released during the progressive heyday, had it not been for the most oppressive dictator of the Eastern Bloc? Tragedy really.

Personal collection
LP: 1976 Electrecord
CD: 2002 Rock in Beat (Germany)

Originals are rare, like any good album from Romania would be. I traded for one in the mid 1990's and that was my first time to hear the album. For years it had been presumed this album was from 1973. But the catalog number clearly points to 1976, so kudos to Discogs for correcting this misconception. The CD is interesting. Discogs lists it as unofficial. It would, after all, seem odd that a German label would reissue an album like this. The CD certainly doesn't go out of its way to claim authenticity. But the label itself seems to be legit, with a focus on older 60s rock and beat albums. I had presumed it was legit all these years, but maybe not. Won't fall on my sword for it, but also won't sell until a better reissue comes along.

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