Polestar 1 - Flying Thru the Universe. 1980 USA

Polestar 1 are a Baltimore based heavy progressive rock band that in many ways reflect the same standards and sound as their Midwest brethren close by. There's a certain directness from America's premier political region, and you hear it in bands such as The Muffins, Oho, Heavy the World, Mars Everywhere and Id's Where are We Going. The latter two groups in particular seem to have parallels with Polestar 1, especially the cosmic themes, vocal styling and guitar-centered space rock nature of the recordings. Like the Midwest groups, the playing is compact but complex. For fans of American progressive rock, this is an easy recommendation.

Personal collection
LP: 1980 Rascal

There are no legal reissues, though at least one pirate edition exists (and noted as such on my CDRWL blog by wife of the bandleader).

Last listen: March 29, 2011

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