Pocket Size - Vemood. 2016 Sweden

Pocket Size have perfectly captured the essence of being alive in 1973 Sweden. Cigarette and marijuana compete for your olfactory senses, but your eyes water no matter the substance. You, of course, recite the Manifesto of the Communist Party verbatim, but only because you think you might get laid if you do. Otherwise King and Country works too, whatever. Progg, hell yea! Or not... who cares? Images of perfectly formed naked breasts shine ever so perfectly as you gaze blindly from your flat. Vemood is your soundtrack to your dream night in Stockholm. Long track Hammond organ jams that battle with saxophone, flute, and loud electric guitar. And even a melody to whistle to while waltzing down Drottninggatan. Ahhh.

Personal collection
CD: 2016 MillHill

CD comes in a simple slip case. There's also a vinyl version.

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