Patchwork - Ouvertures. 1978 France

Patchwork's sole album is very much a product of the time and place. Tropical, light, and breezy fusion all played professionally, and with the requisite sax and flute leads. Of course any self-respecting fusion band must add some funk as well. It was 1978 after all and was the prudent commercial thing to do! One could considered this to be a proto smooth jazz album. For some this is going to be a cringe worthy album, but for me, the high melodic content makes this title a good listen. These type of albums have aged well for me.

Personal collection
LP: 1978 Cobra

Back in the mid 80's, after having secured some awesome albums on the Cobra label (Heldon, Weidorje, Hydravion, etc...), I had begun to seek this title out too. Good thing I didn't find it, as I would have been sorely disappointed back then. It wouldn't be until 2014 that I actually secured the record (though I had a CD-R for a few years prior, taken from a buddy's copy). Still no CD exists as I update this from the CDRWL.

Last listen: 2014

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