La Bocca della Verita - Avenoth. 2009 Italy

With my limited Spanish - and Italian by extension - I expected La Bocca della Verita to mean something like Mouth of Life. Apparently it's Mouth of Truth. Well, you know, as an acronym backwards it would be TOM. OK then, this is a masterpiece right off! Avenoth, BTW, translates to Avenoth. Irreverent portion of review over... Maybe.

So what do we have here anyway? Yet another retro Italian prog album you ask? Well, yes, for the most part. Perhaps not enough for ashratom, but yes, 70s Italian prog is right. Actually it's more like the 90s imitation of 70s prog than the real deal. I've spoken about this before, and it's a style I quite like, but purists tend to scoff. By no means should this be classified as "neo prog" either (meaning in the British/Dutch/German sense of the term). No, it's not that. Definitely 70s in spirit and 90s in instrumentation. For those that have no use for modern sounds and production techniques, then it's probably best to steer clear. Best I can tell, this album was available as a download only in 2009, and later picked up by the good folks at AltRock/Fading for proper CD release. Now the production does leave something to be desired, as it's a bit distorted on the loud side. But if we take out all the modern concerns, and just focus on the music, then we have something to behold here. Long tracks filled with imagination and complexity, sung in the native tongue as God intended, just like any upstanding Italian prog album would have it. For fans of the genre, this goes to the priority cue. Otherwise, not the first CD I would recommend from the modern age.

Personal Collection
CD: 2016 Fading

CD is housed in a fine tri-fold thick digi-pak and thick poster insert.

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