Kirkbinsinek - Sis Pus Sus. 2015 Turkey

My vision of what I want Turkish rock music to be is always much more psychedelic than the reality. It seems like such a natural path for the indigenous sounds of Turkish folk music to merge with the exciting and exotic scales and tones of the psychedelic. And even though an entire genre exists that somewhat addresses this - namely Anatolian Rock - I haven't really heard much to excite me. Yea, sure, Erkin Koray, Baris Manco, Bunalim, and the lot of them have moments of excitement, but none captured my imagination wildly. All of that to state - Kirkbinsinek is what I've been looking for. Right from the opening notes of the instrumental 'Hoyrat', one will be automatically transported to a secret hideaway in 1969 Istanbul. The music is a combination of retro psych and Ozric Tentacles like space rock, especially when the latter borrows from Middle Eastern scales. So if the idea of a band like Vespero or Quantum Fantay mixing with Wolf People - and a dash of early Agitation Free - sounds good to you, then I suggest you make an effort to obtain Kirkbinsinek's debut. Excellent album and goes straight to the top spot in my (limited) Turkish collection. I hope we hear more from them soon!

Personal collection
CD: 2015 World in Sound (Germany)

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