Joachim Kuhn - Cinemascope. 1974 Germany

Talented jazz and fusion keyboardist who had many albums through the 60s and 70s (and beyond). Cinemascope is probably the rarest from this time frame, and the one that is most aligned with my personal focus from a musical standpoint. A very strong fusion effort, with Toto Blanke lighting it up on guitar.

Personal Collection
LP: 1978 MPS

The version I own is a 2LP set combined with Piano, an otherwise unrelated album from a musical perspective. An odd choice for a coupling. The original LP features a brilliant gatefold cover. The double LP wisely chose this artwork as well. This has been on my CDRWL for many years now, and it's somewhat surprising that a major name like Kuhn has yet to see this title emerge on CD.

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