Djam Karet - No Commercial Potential. 1985 USA

Djam Karet's debut album, the cassette No Commercial Potential, was a true anomaly when released in 1985. The concept of long form, psychedelic guitar driven rock instrumentals, was an extinct concept in the mid 1980s. Whereas LS Bearforce released the homage to early Guru Guru in 1983, Djam Karet had taken the idea of combining mid period King Crimson mixed with any number of west coast late 60s psychedelia bands. And yes, with more than a hint of Krautrock as well. Djam Karet were born out of a (still operating) California record store, and it's no accident they possessed the historical capacity for musical research. Quite simply, they were considerably ahead of their time, and by the 90s many were following their lead, arguably to lesser success. It must be said, the title is as accurate as any in history.

Personal collection
CD: No Commercial Potential (2004 HC) 2 CD set w/...And Still Getting the Ladies (2002)

As noted above the original was released only on cassette.

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