Del Jones' Positive Vibes - Court is Closed. 1973 USA

The single most intense Black America album ever. Basically Del Jones is the Philadelphia ghetto version of the Berlin based Cosmic Couriers clan. Intense does not even begin to describe this album. The anger that comes through will melt your mind. And all the freaked out vocals, wah wah guitar, flute and heavy rhythms will make you grab for your Ash Ra Tempel albums and hold on tight. Given the economic conditions of the housing projects of the early 1970s, it's surprising more albums didn't seep through like this.  Of course there are a couple of throwaway soul numbers that are fortunately short - but most of the album will fry your brain! 'Cold Turkey' has some of the most anguished freaked out madness since John L. went nuts on 'Flowers Must Die' (on Ash Ra Tempel's Schwingungen).

Personal collection
CD: 1997 Saucer Man / Hikeka (Japan)
LP: 200? Hikeka

Like Velvert Turner, Del Jones released two versions of the same album: A soul mix and a psych mix. The soul mix is available on CD and appears legit. The psych mix has only been reissued on LP so far, and did involve Del Jones who wrote contemporary notes for it, so we'll consider that legit. But no one has issued it on CD to date. The soul mix is not that much different really - there's an additional horn section, two extra tracks, and some of the guitar work has been moved into the background. It's still a monster and highly recommended.

Note: Not sure how I never added this review to UMR prior. I must have thought I did, and just spaced it. Oh well, debuting for the first time for UMR...


  1. Fantastic album my friend! Nice to see it featured here as a reference.

    1. Thank you as well my friend. I hope all is going good in Cosmic Eye land!


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