Corima - Quetzalcoatl. 2012 USA

This is an ASTOUNDING album. It has the intensity of Koenji Hyakkei, but possesses a much clearer focus and the music is given room to breathe. Violin, saxophone, fuzz keyboards and female vocals are the distinguishing sounds and characteristics of the album. There is plenty of amazing super-tight ensemble work throughout - all in hyper drive - that are truly sublime. The melodic interludes that constantly pop up amongst the chaos are truly enlightening in this setting. All 5 members put in a fantastic performance, but special mention must go to Andrea Itzpaplotl (nee Calderon) for her brilliant violin work and beautiful vocals - and to Sergio Sanchez-Ravelo for his monster staccato drum work. He must've lost 20 pounds just recording this album! For my tastes, one of the best Zeuhl albums since the glory days of Eskaton!

Personal collection
CD: 2012 Soleil Zeuhl

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