Corima - Amaterasu. 2016 USA

Corima's last album, the kinetic Quetzalcoatl, blew my bloomin' mind (and review copied over from Under the Radar as a reminder of my raves), so I was a bit reticent to jump into their new one. Even though I bought the album upon release late last year, I didn't hear it until this week. So did Amaterasu match or exceed the previous effort? No, of course not. I don't think that was even possible, or even a reasonable ask. OK, then, but is it at least good? Oh heck yea! It's fantastic in fact. But I don't think there was much more they could have done in the direction of Quetzalcoatl without being a straight copy. So, like Eskaton before them, they tried something a bit different. Eskaton had at their disposal a current trend of synth pop, that they completely destroyed into their own unique twisted vision. Corima was not near so bold, sticking to more tried and true Zeuhl principles. Amaterasu is broken into two distinct tracks. The more jazzy, atmospheric, and melodic 'Tsukutomi' (recalling at times Vander's Offering) and then the charter Zeuhl school of the title track. The opener has some brilliant foot stomping moments offset by a bit of loose sax wankery that doesn't serve the band well. However the melodic songwriting is a step in the right direction, and would be interesting for them to marry Quetzalcoatl's style with it. The title track too has an atmospheric buildup. Think Weidorje. And then the real party starts. Zeuhl styled chanting and screams, hyper active rhythms, sax and electric piano cycling into swirls of madness, bass and drums pounding your brains into the turf. Weeeeeee. OK, time to get in line for another ride.

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CD: 2016 Soleil Zeuhl

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