Serge Bringolf Strave - Live. 1983 France

Strave always had a bit of a jazzy disposition to add to their unique brand of Zeuhl. By 1983 though, the band had moved onto full-on jazz. There's still the rock base, and the Zeuhl component only comes through in the repetition of the rhythm. There's quite a bit of sax soloing throughout. This live recording is not quite up to modern standards, but it's certainly better than an audience recording or something of that nature. A moment in time captured well. This one is on the margins of my personal interest area, but jazz fans with an interest in Zeuhl are encouraged to seek out.

Personal collection

I had this on LP 20 years ago and sold it. I had chance to source another one cheap so I tried it again. I'm enjoying it more now, but I could see this finding the sell bin sometime in the future. There is no CD as I write this.

July 2018 update: I did resell it again.

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