Redd - Tristes Noticias del Imperio. 1978 Argentina

Redd - Tristes Noticias del Imperio. 1978 Cavoclo

CD reissues: 1996 PRW (Brazil); 2009 Viajero Inmovil

Here's a CD I bought not long after the first reissue hit the market, and I didn't care for it much at all. Years later, I heard it again, and it still didn't make a mark. Now a few more years have passed, I regained the original CD reissue, and now I think it's great! Part of the issue may have to do with PRW's insistence in reordering the tracks, so that the most progressive compositions get your attention early. The problem with that approach is it often leaves the listener with the weakest last impression. I think a better approach might be to put the lesser tracks in the middle. Or - leave it just as it was intended to be! In any case, this is a fine symphonic progressive rock album with a mixture of styles (jazz, folk, heavy prog), including the requisite singer-songwriters tendencies that you often hear from this part of the world (and Italy).


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