Rainbow Serpent - Futuregate. 1995 Germany

Rainbow Serpent are one of a handful of Berlin School revivalists from the Fatherland. They're a duo who have an arsenal of keyboards at their disposal. Mostly newer toys, not so much a vintage collection. Their blueprint for Futuregate can be found on Tangerine Dream's Tangram, and this album could represents outtakes from that session. There are worse ideas than following T Dream at the beginning of Schmoelling's career.

Personal collection
CD: 1995 Ardema

The cover looks like some cheap home computer printout, and one would expect this to maybe be a CD-R. But it's a factory cut CD, and the booklet is made of the proper stock.

I bought this CD many years ago. I would imagine it's not too easy to find in this day and age. Apparently there are two labels for this release - one red, one green. Mine is the former

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