Morse Code - Procreation. 1976 Canada

Morse Code - Procreation. 1976 Capitol

CD reissues: 2007 ProgQuebec; 2011 Belle Antique (Japan mini-LP)

Somewhere between Relayer and Going For the One era of Yes, but sung in French. This is one of those albums that is subtle, but once you track the scent, the wow factor is apparent. One of Quebec's finest albums. A masterwork really.

I should get the LP again. I like eye covers as it is (one would presume you know that if you've notice my wall of records). The trick is finding one where the cover isn't trashed, and found here in the States. The postage from Canada is often more than the album itself. The CD is awesome though, with full liners, bonus tracks from a single, etc... The CD will stay.


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