Mammoth Volume - A Single Book of Songs. 2001 Sweden

As a rule I don't have much appreciation for the "stoner" genre. I appreciate the sounds, but after awhile, the premise becomes worn out and boredom ensues. Those vocals and those fuzz guitar sounds. Sometimes I'll hear about a "progressive stoner album", which is some type of oxymoron I believe. A Single Book of Songs is a progressive stoner album. It does exist after all. And the organ sounds are straight out of an American 60s garage. Flute and bells? This is one strange album, that's for sure. Not strange in the NWW list kind of strange, mind you.

I bought this CD not long after it was released, since it was advertised as a "progressive stoner band". Gullible as always, I bit. 15+ years later it's time to sell it right? I like it better now than then. Hmm.

Personal collection
CD: 2001 The Music Cartel

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