Leviathan - s/t. 1974 USA

Leviathan are a band from Memphis, Tennessee, who managed to squeak out one LP before being dumped into the $1 bins of the day (not so any more). Opening with a mellotron blast, one could easily be swayed into thinking this will be a full on prog rock extravaganza. Couple that with the long songs and intriguing album titles, this will be a sure fire winner along the lines of Mirthrandir or Cathedral. Right? Wrong. Leviathan are basically a hard rock band, with a few stretched ideas, and a keyboardist who loves him some mellotron (it's all over this disc). Once you buy into the correct premise, the album delivers a fine set of tunes, with highlights that include 'Arabesque', 'Endless Dream', and 'Angel of Death'. The album sort of poops out at the end, and leaves the listener with a bad taste. Sort of like eating the peas after the steak. In any case, this is an album I owned for many years (both on LP and dubious CD), and pushed them both into the sell bin. Another Mach LP copy floated my way recently, and this visit proved to me that Leviathan is a fine mid 70s hard rock album.

Personal collection
LP: 1974 Mach

At this time, all the modern CD and LP reissues could best be described as "of dubious origin". I never cataloged it in the CDRWL, but I probably should have.

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