Jupu Group - Ahmoo! 1975 Finland

Heavy instrumental progressive fusion with guitar/electric piano/Moog interplay, with violin being the centerpiece - to be expected given the band is his nickname. The title track seems promising but unfortunately features a dull drum solo one must endure. Typical mid 70s fusion, that was all the rage at the time. Similar to other European acts like Pumpkin, Pop Workshop, Napalis, Energy, Ex Ovo Pro... and of course the progenitors of the jazz fusion movement: Return To Forever and Weather Report.

Personal collection
LP: 2016 Svart

Original LPs are quite rare. I owned it once but traded it away for something more to my taste (this was 20 years ago). Svart has recently come through with an LP reissue with full liner notes, so I picked it up again, and I'm enjoying it more now. Still no CD as I write this.

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