Jargon - s/t. 1980 Finland

Jargon are, in effect, Finnforest Ver 2.0. Their sole album continues on the path of the mothership, and were fully immersed into the fusion trends of the day. The sound is light and breezy but the songwriting is solid, and the melodies thought out. Some nice guitar and synthesizer leads adds points. Highlights include the opener and 'Erect', which starts perilously like a drum solo, before gathering itself into a fine composition. This is an album I owned 20 years ago and tossed into the sell bin. Purchasing the vinyl again (there is no CD) proved there's more here than my impetuous youthful ears would allow then. If you're looking for the more progressive oriented Finnforest sound, I'd probably steer clear. This is an album for late 70s and early 80s fusion freaks only.

Personal collection

I had this in the main list of the CDRWL only. My old notes aren't that far off, but I just like it more now. But... I sold my LP (again!) in January 2018. Couldn't justify keeping it for the price obtained.

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