Herbe Rouge - s/t. 1978 France

Herbe Rouge's sole album is very much a "French" album (despite much of it being sung in forced English - bizarre). At its best one can hear the Canterbury sounds of Moving Gelatine Plates, but there's also the somewhat goofy circus cabaret of Komintern to contemplate. Throw in bits of Le Grande Nebuleux and Ma Banlieue Flasque and you're pretty much there. If you have no idea what I'm talking about then... why are you reading this? Well I guess you could be lost looking for another band named Herbe Rouge. Is there another band named Herbe Rouge? Questions...

Personal collection
CD: 1995 Legend

Be sure to pick up this CD on Legend, that has no less than 12 bonus tracks - all quite relevant to the actual LP. The CD took me some time to secure as its fallen long OOP and is hard to source.

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