Galaxy - Visions. 1978 Germany

Visions is an interesting album that somehow missed my radar back when the CD was released. Either I was quick to presume they were related to the Nature's Clear Well bunch (properly known as Waniyetula) or they were the Florida band Galaxy that had one private press from the same era (and the album covers have a striking similarity on first glance). In any case, this Galaxy are a product of the late 70s German underground. Their sound and instrumentation seem born from 1969, but the music is of their own era. The single best way I could characterize Visions is that of a garage version of symphonic Eloy. Imagine Oceans with primitive psychedelic equipment. Ravjunk playing Silent Cries and Mighty Echoes? Not a bad premise actually. I like it.

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CD: 2002 Garden of Delights

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