Ere G - Au-Dela des Ombres. 2002 Canada

Ere G's sole work is quite simply a well researched retro Quebecois styled prog album. Acoustic guitars, fluffy French vocals (well, they are fluffy), mellotron (lots of this), acid leads, Moog (lots of this too), flutes.... and most importantly gorgeous melodies. One tends to forget this component in these modern analytical times. Harmonium is probably the main influence here (think Les Cinq Saisons). Also elements of Et Cetera, Pollen, Morse Code, Opus 5 (note cover), plus Ange from the mother country (note title). There are many albums that attempt this sound, and fall flat. This one is special. The ingredients are darn near perfect, but the special touches this one has are remarkable for a debut acting in a pure retro capacity.

Personal collection
CD: 2002 Ipso Facto

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