Ache - Green Man. 1971 Denmark

Ache - Green Man. 1971 Philips

LP reissue: 1971 Philips (Germany)

CD reissues: 2000 Philips (w/De Homine Urbano); 2012 Esoteric (UK)

I've never really been able to ever pen notes for this one. Not sure why, as it's just such a great example of the 1971 landscape. Heavy organ and guitar, definitely progressive, but with a harder edge. Shorter songs than the debut, but actually a better album with stronger compositions, and more ideas per minute. Well... those are my notes I guess. Anyway, no-brainer buy item for fans of the 1971 progressive rock sound.

The original comes in a fine gatefold. I bought mine (or traded for it) sometime in the 90s. It's not going anywhere - though I suppose a Danish original would be more preferable. The 2-fer CD has unique liner notes and good sound, straight from the masters.


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