Tantra - Holocausto. 1978 Portugal

Tantra - Holocausto. 1978 EMI

CD reissues: 2002 Musea (France); 2016 Belle Antique (Japan mini-LP)

In my review for Mistérios e Maravilhas, I had mentioned Tantra had an international flavor to it. And that continues here on Holocausto. Once again, you'll hear bands like Carpe Diem and Crucis, not likely direct references, but rather they share similar influences and approach to composition. There are sections of 'Último Raio do Astro Rei' that recall the Spanish group Ñu, especially in the frantic vocal approach. One can also hear the 70s Italian masters peek through on various occasions as well. The music on Holocausto is very much in line with the late 70s Iberian peninsula musical landscape, arguably the area's greatest moment in the sun when talking progressive rock. Easy recommendation for European progressive rock fans, though not the best place to start if just getting your feet wet. As once again, the production leaves much to be desired.

The Belle Antique release appears to have been independently remastered, and not taken straight from Musea as is their usual protocol. I never did hear the Musea disc, as by the time I went looking for the CD (I already owned the LP, going back to the early 90s), it was long sold out. In any case, this mastering is clearly taken from vinyl, as you can hear the muffled pressing noise.

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