Paradox - Collision Course. 2000 Germany

About 100 years ago - sometime in the early 90s - I had a chance to source Paradox's album Heresy on LP on the cheap. But I was "growing out of metal" and let it lay. So a century later or so, by pure chance, I ended up with the followup Collision. Released in that oh-so-not-thrash-metal year of 2000. And this mature (old? disposition?) corporate guy, has grown completely back into metal. I was never like the other children, that's for sure.

And for this album by Paradox? Well... quite the band name, eh? Just askin'.

Musically speaking, Paradox pretty much come up with a riff - and then another riff. And followed that with a.... c'mon guess?.... riff. For each song. Yea, the muddled timid Hetfield soundalike vocals kinda blow, but it's a small price to pay. Because thrash is all about riffs. And they are here. All over the place.

Personal collection
CD: 2000 AFM

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