Invisible - s/t. 1974 Argentina

Like a lot of bands from 1970s Argentina, Invisible was somewhat lost on me (so to speak). I didn't get the allure and hastily dumped their catalog in the 90s. This revisit proves once again that the understanding of the region's music scene from which they derived is important. Band leader Spinetta was already a veteran of the blues rock scene (Almendra primarily) that dominated the minds of the time. And with that he brought a loose structure of ideas, incorporating hard rock, psych, jazz undertones, and progressive structures to the blues foundation. As with the Franklin (Spain) archival album I recently reported on, there's this inherent early 70s Italian quality about this album. I hear a lot of Garybaldi's Nuda for example, so the ghost of Hendrix definitely has a presence here as well. The bonus 7" (which was included in the original LP and on the CDs) offers a glimpse into the world of early Yes. These type of albums are fun to listen to, not overly challenging, yet unpredictable all the same. For traditional prog fans, this one will go by without notice. But if you dig bands like Aquelarre, Claudio Gabis y Le Pesada, Pescado Rabiosa, El Reloj, et al, then this one comes as an easy recommendation. Glad I received a second chance.

Personal collection
CD: 1996 Microfon / Sony

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