Gift - s/t. 1972 Germany

"No doubt my rating on the debut is off too, but that's for another day..." was how I ended my review of Gift's second album Blue Apple, penned near the end of 2015. And that day has arrived, and the prophecy has been fulfilled. No surprise there.

Gift's debut is significantly different, though. They had yet to add an organist, and there are no progressive touches here. This is just straightforward, kick-yer-ass non-stop hard rock. The riffs are heavy by 1972 German standards, and the songwriting is solid throughout. There's an occasional flute to soften the mood, and provide some dynamics to this otherwise loud and rockin' album. Gift opens up with 'Drugs'. Well, that's table stakes ain't it? 'You'll Never Be Accepted' and 'Groupie' follows. An aural documentary of the times apparently. Of course the opener is anti-drugs, so it sort of blows my story, but one should admire the group standing up to, and against, the attitudes of the day.

Overall, I'd say Gift are less bluesy than Armaggedon, and more consistent than Dull Knife. I'd file the album next to Dies Irae and Haze if looking for direct comparisons.

Personal collection
CD: 1998 EastWest/Telefunken


  1. Not sure if they were going for it, since all the titles are in English, but "Gift" auf Deutsch means 'poison' - which would fit their anti-drug message (and provide some context for the cover).

    1. Thanks Mike! I read something similar on RYM about that. I think you're right in your assumption.


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